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The VHF radio course is a 2 day event and teaches all aspects of making radio calls.

Course topics include:-

  • Making Mayday, D.S.C., and voice Mayday calls

  • Mayday relay

  • Calls to the Coast Guard. Leave a passage plan

  • Calls to other vessels

  • Safety alerts

  • How to register a radio with O.F.C.O.M.

  • Which channels to use

  • Helicopter evacuation events

  • The G.M.D.S.S. system and much more.

All emphasis on the 1st day is spent on using the radio to get you comfortable with all aspects of the radio system. The 2nd day takes approximately 1 hour per student to complete a short practical session & multiple choice paper. The VHF manual is sent to you for pre-reading prior to joining us for the course.

In addition to the £95 course cost, there will be further costs of £60 for the exam fee, plus £20 for the manual & License application fee. The total cost will therefore be £175 per person.

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